Scott Galloway: Instagram, The Next Facebook? (video)

Scott Galloway: The Next Facebook

Video above published May 11, 2017, by L2inc.com: Scott Galloway on this week's digital winners and losers:
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Loser: Facebook, which is rapidly being eclipsed by Instagram.

Winner or loser? About.com, the failed content farm trying to reinvent itself as a collection of niche sites called Dotdash.

Loser: Millennials missing the boat on investing. As many as 80% are not investing in the stock market.

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Transcript (via YouTube.com):
0:02  Season 2, episode 1 of Mark Zuckerberg hates Evan Spiegel.
0:06  We've seen that Facebook is a loser and Instagram is the winner.
0:10  Facebook copied Snapchat's Stories feature
0:13  and placed it front and center on its interface -
0:15  but no one's using it.
0:17  However, when Instagram introduced the same feature, it was a hit.
0:20  Instagram Stories boasts more daily active users than Snapchat.
0:24  Instagram has 700 million users,
0:27  adding 100 million accounts just in the past six months -
0:30  putting the platform on track to reach a billion users by 2018.
0:35  Instagram has become the all-important growth vehicle
0:37  to substantiate what has become one of the five most valuable companies in the world.
0:43  Winner or loser? About.com.
0:45  The failed content farm is reinventing itself as a collection of niche sites called Dotdash.
0:50  About.com achieved a market value of a billion dollars in the early 2000s with a simple formula:
0:56  leverage user-generated content and optimize it,
0:58  or specifically game it, for Google -
1:01  generating traffic and the ability to sell advertising.
1:05  And then what happened under the cover of darkness?
1:07  Late one night, Google updated their algorithm as they do often
1:11  and immediately About.com was a shadow of itself.
1:16  A year later the company was sold for $300 million
1:18  and it's likely worth a lot less now.
1:21  A loser: millennials missing the boat on investing.
1:24  80% of millennials are not investing in the stock market.
1:27  It is difficult to time the markets
1:30  but over the long term the stock market has outperformed almost every asset class.
1:33  Stock trading app Robinhood,
1:35  which simplifies investing and is targeted to millennials,
1:37  just earned unicorn status with a $1.3 billion valuation.
1:42  Launched in 2014, the app boasts two million users,
1:45  doubling in size since October.
1:47  The most popular stock among Robin Hood's millennial users:
1:50  Chip maker Advanced Micro Devices,
1:52  which fell 18% last week.
1:55  Bottom line:
1:56  you're young, which means you're stupid.
1:59  Really smart decision, young man.
2:00  We can put that check in a money market mutual fund,
2:03  then we'll reinvest the earnings into foreign currency accounts
2:06  with compounding interest
2:08  and it's gone.
2:09  What the f**k?
2:11  The money in your account. It didn't do too well. It's gone.
2:17  We'll see you next week.

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