Apple to Toutiao: World's 20 Largest Tech Giants (infographic)

Apple to Toutiao: World's 20 Largest Tech Giants are based either in the U.S. or China (valuations are as of early July 2018):
Courtesy of VisualCapitalist.com -- the rankings use updated market caps for all public companies as of early July 2018. Editor's note: on August 2, 2018, Apple became the first company in history to reach a market capitalization of US$1Trillion. 

At the valuations listed above, added together, the above companies are worth $5.9 trillion, with a 75% / 25% split in terms of USA / China. Besides the USA-China duality, the list of the world’s largest tech giants is a divide between top-tier companies and those further down the list--there is not a single company with a valuation between $200 billion and $450 billion.

FT.com's West Coast editor Richard Waters has recently suggested that "MAGA" (Microsoft, Apple, Google, Amazon) replace "FAANG" to denote the market's current tech leadership.

The top seven companies on the list account for 81% of the total value of the list, and they are all above the $450B mark--these include Apple, Amazon, Alphabet (Google), Microsoft, and Facebook as well as China's Alibaba and Tencent. The bottom 14 companies together are just 19% of the total list value – a fact that underlines how hard it is to vault a tech company into the upper echelon of the market.

Source notes:
*In Mary Meeker’s chart, eBay-Paypal are listed together as one entity, whereas the above is based on the 2015 spinoff.
**Xiaomi’s valuation was in question ahead of its July 9 IPO in Hong Kong, and the valuation estimate of $54 billion was used in the list above.

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