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#IGF2019 in Berlin 25 to 29 November 2019, hosted by the Government of Germany


ICANN66, Montreal, Canada | 21st AGM 2-7 Nov 2019
 ICANN66 | Montreal
GAC Communique ICANN66 (pdf). ICANN66 wrap (pdf): "... UAM: Domain Name Registrants Look Forward to Suing ICANN under GDPR ... Every Antitrust & Competition Authority in the World Should Be Investigating ICANN & its gTLDs ..."

ICANN Meeting & Media Resources:

•  ICANN65, Marrakech, Morocco | Policy Forum 24-27 Jun 2019

•  ICANN64, Kobe, Japan, 9-14 Mar 2019
 ICANN64 | Kobe

PP-18, ITU Plenipotentiary Conference 2018, Dubai, UAE

• IGF 2018 | Internet Governance Forum 2018, Paris, France, 12-14 Nov 2018
Internet Governance Forum 2018, Paris, France, Nov 12-14:

   ICANN63 | Barcelona | 20th Annual General Meeting  20-25 Oct 2018.
ICANN63 | Barcelona  ©2018

• ICANN62 | Panama City | Policy Forum 25-28 Jun 2018
•  ICANN61 | San Juan | Community Forum 10-15 Mar 2018 San Juan, Puerto Rico
graphic: "ICANN61 | San Juan" ©2017

GDPR & ICANN 2018 -- EPDP "The EPDB [European Data Protection Board] was created by the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), adopted on 27 April 2016 and published in the EU Official Journal on 4 May 2016. Please note that a corrigendum of the GDPR was published in the Official Journal on 23 May 2018 and is available here. The consolidated version of the EU General Protection Regulation (GDPR) is available here. The GDPR, which entered into force on 24 May 2016 and is applicable from 25 May 2018 ..."
The Internet: 10 predictions for 2018 | DiploFoundation | The 10 trends listed for 2018 relate to 43 digital policy issues addressed by numerous actors in hundreds of events ... The most comprehensive approach to both the 10 trends and the 43 issues will be at the following main events--
  • WSIS Forum (Geneva, Switzerland, 19–23 March) agenda around the main WSIS action lines (access, health, education, etc.).
  • UNCTAD e-commerce week (Geneva, Switzerland, 16–20 April) the role of digital platforms, a key feature of the evolving digital economy.
  • ITU Plenipotentiary (Dubai, UAE, 29 October–16 November) debates on cybersecurity, OTT regulation, Internet identifiers, and other issues that have been contentious for years.
  • WTO Public Forum (Geneva, Switzerland; TBA)various digital aspects that can affect digital trade (cybersecurity, standardisation, human rights, jurisdiction).
  • World Internet Conference (Wuzhen, China; TBA) broad agenda with the main focus on linking Chinese and global digital policy players.
  • Internet Governance Forum (TBA) digital policy issues at more than 150 workshops and events.
•  IGF 2017 | Geneva 18-21 Dec 2017 | Internet Governance Forum
graphic: IGF 2017  ©2017
Host: |  @intgovforum |  #IGF2017 | 

ICANN60 | Abu Dhabi | Annual General Meeting 28 Oct - 3 Nov 2017. See on

All ICANN Issues Open for Public Comment here.

•  New GNSO Policy Development Process Working Group to Review All Rights Protection Mechanisms in All gTLDs | ICANN (March 21, 2016) --see alsoWG Members | Mailing Lists - Review of all Rights Protection Mechanisms (RPMs) in all gTLDs PDP Working Group and Review of all Rights Protection Mechanisms (RPMs) in all gTLDs PDP Working Group Home
Other EPDP Links: wikilegal memoslegal mail listGNSO mail listworksheetsdefinitions, and the links to the EPDP meetings' recordings and transcripts (when available) are posted on the  GNSO calendar. Also: CPH comments on Purposes (pdf), SO/AC/SG/C early input.

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