Mary Meeker’s 2019 Internet Trends Report & Highlights

Mary Meeker’s 2019 Internet Trends Report (pdf) embed below:
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Global Internet Users 3.8B (51% of world population), Growth Slowing: +6% vs. +7% Y/Y

Top 30 Global Internet Market Capitalization Leaders: USA 18 of 30, China 7 of 30

Top 30 Global Market Capitalization Leaders: USA 23 of 30, technology 9 of 30

USA E-Commerce Growth +12.4% vs. +12.1% (Y/Y – Q1 vs. Q4)

USA E-Commerce as % of All Retail Sales: 15% vs. 14% Y/Y

Media Time vs. Advertising Spending: Mobile @ Equilibrium (2018), Desktop (2015)

Internet Ad Revenue Growth Decelerating: +20% vs. +29% at Leading USA Platforms (Y/Y  Q1 vs. Q4). Internet Ad Buying: Programmatic Gains vs. Direct, Negatively Impacting Pricing.

Effective + Efficient Marketing = One’s Own Product + Happy Customers + Recommendations

USA Digital Media Usage Growth Accelerating: +7% vs. +5% Y/Y;  More time spent on Mobile devices than TV.

Usage: Images Increasingly Relevant Way to Communicate, e.g., Twitter: >50% of Tweet Impressions include Images / Video / Other Media.

Interactive Gaming Players Accelerating: 2.4B +6% vs. +5% Y/Y. Interactive Gaming =
Real-Time Play + Talk / Text + Watch… Social in Nearly All Ways.

Freemium Business Evolution Started in Gaming, Evolving / Emerging in Enterprise + Consumer…All In… Just Getting Started.

Cloud Deployment Revenue +58% Y/Y

Digital Payments >50% of Day-to-Day Transactions

Data Collection + Analysis + Utilization Evolving From Humans to Humans / Computers: Data is now fundamental to how people work & the most successful companies have intelligently integrated it into everyone's daily workflow… Data is the new application--Frank Bien, CEO & President, Looker, June, 2019. Consumers + Businesses + Regulators Increasingly Drinking from Data Firehose.

"Problematic" Internet Content: Media Maxim "People Prefer Negative News."

World Wide Web  v.  Webs of Worlds Driven by Local Regulation.

Cyber Attacks Sophistication + Scope Continue to Rise, Particularly State Sponsored 

Global Relative GDP (Current $): China + USA + India Rising, ... Europe Falling

Cross-Border Trade is 29% of Global GDP.

USA Consumer Confidence Index High & Rising @ 97 vs. 88 Sixty-Five Year Average 
Economy / Employment (USA): Unemployment @ 19 Year Low… Job Openings @ All-Time High and Wages Rising.


Areas prime for innovation in USA: 1. Healthcare; 2. Government.

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