New Brexit Date October 31, 2019

10 Aug 2019 Update-- No-Deal Brexit October 31, 2019: Still More 'Remainer' Delusions. Still Confused? Read  Eurointelligence.com: "Today we would like to debunk the myth that the UK parliament can stop the no-deal Brexit. Under EU law - the law that matters in this specific discussion - there are only two technical possibilities for the UK parliament to frustrate an October 31st Brexit. The first and the only certain route is a majority in favour of unilateral revocation of Brexit. No such majority exists. This leaves a less certain pathway: to seek a further Art. 50 extension. Since Boris Johnson refuses to do this, it would have to involve a new prime minister before October ... So, before we get to the constitutionally tricky question of what would happen in case Johnson simply refuses to go even if parliament were to huddle around an alternative, we better stop at this point and look at the numbers. They are not there. The numbers for unilateral revocation are not there either. This means that parliament cannot stop a no-deal Brexit on its own." --Or as Dominic Cummings, UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson's most senior adviser, recently said, "Politicians don't get to choose which votes they respect." Therefore, unless the European Union abandons its insistence on the thrice-rejected withdrawal agreement, a no-deal Brexit will happen October 31, 2019.

Original Brexit Date: 29 March 2019, 11:00 P.M. (London), then extended to Friday, 12 April 2019.
10 Apr 2019: EU leaders agreed to extend UK's exit date to October 31, 2019.

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Looking back at Theresa May's dysfunctional government: Theresa May's Brexit statement (video) to the House of Commons after emergency EU summit 11 April 2019. Theresa May gave a statement to the House of Commons after being granted another Brexit extension by the European Union until 31 October 2019. See also European Council (Art. 50) Press conference at end of meeting 10 April 2019. Other news sources: DW News Livestream  (Deutsche Welle is Germany’s international broadcaster), and FRANCE 24 Live news from Paris, France, via YouTube.

Special European Council (Art.50), April 10, 2019, 18:00 in Brussels (12 noon EDT). Agenda highlights: EU27 leaders will meet on 10 April 2019 to discuss the latest developments on Brexit. "In view of the rejection of the withdrawal agreement by the House of Commons, I have decided to call a European Council on 10 April," confirmed President Donald Tusk on 29 March, following the vote in the UK House of Commons.

On 5 April Theresa May, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, sent a letter to Donald Tusk (pdf), President of the European Council, asking for a further extension to the Article 50 period. She proposed the date of 30 June 2019, adding that the UK government would continue to prepare to hold European Parliament elections should the UK still be a member at the time of the elections.

On 21 March EU27 leaders decided to delay the Brexit date until 12 April 2019, should the withdrawal agreement be rejected.
Original posting title: "Emergency European Summit on Brexit, Wednesday, April 10"
 Brexit Debate LIVE 
 Brexit Debate LIVE  

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