Criterion Channel Streaming Solo, Launched April 8 (video)

Criterion Channel Trailer
CriterionCollection video above: "Our new streaming service launches April 8. Sign up now at www.criterionchannel.com!"
The Criterion Channel, exclusive streaming home for the Criterion Collection, "brought to you by the team at @criterion" launched April 8, 2019 (US & Canada), with $10.99 a month or $99.99 a year subscriptions.  
Criterion Channel Lives! Founder Explains Going Solo After FilmStruck’s Death--“We put up nearly 1,000 films on Hulu for five years,” Becker said. “It’s not just a matter of making it available. It’s a matter of making it navigable, making it discoverable.”--indiewire.com
Domains: criterionchannel.com and criterion.com

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