Greycroft's Alan Patricof on Big Tech & Antitrust Concerns (video)

The big tech companies are smothering small start-ups. Minor changes to a platform’s algorithms can harm a business’s traffic overnight.--Alan Patricof, Silicon Valley VC
Greycrofts' Patricof: There are legitimate antitrust concerns surrounding big tech

Washington is taking aim at big tech, and Amazon, Apple, Google, and Facebook could be vulnerable to antitrust actions. Alan Patricof, co-founder and managing partner at Greycroft Ventures (greycroft.com), joins the discussion on CNBC's "Squawk Box." CNBC Television video  above published Jun 6, 2019.

"Let’s face it, the Internet is a utility and so are the corporations who control it .... Technology needs to be regulated."--Alan Patricof.

Alan Patricof, April 10, 2019:
"From my vantage point in the venture capital industry, it is apparent that many start-ups are failing or changing their business models because of their dependence on Amazon, Facebook or Google. The situation has progressed to the point where venture capitalists discount companies that rely on a digital platform to reach their markets."

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