Dot COM and NET Zone Files

Domain Name Base and Active Zone as reported by registry operator

The domain name base is the active zone plus the number of domain names that are registered but not configured for use in the respective Top-Level Domain zone file plus the number of domain names that are in a client or server hold status.

The domain name base and the active zone change frequently and are updated on this Verisign page at least once per day. The update times may vary each day. A given day’s domain name base is not necessarily indicative of results that may be expected for the current financial quarter or year. The daily domain name base provided at that link above may not be comparable to domain name counts Verisign discloses elsewhere. The domain name base may also reflect compensated or uncompensated judicial or administrative actions to add to or remove from the active zone an immaterial number of domain names.

For comparison purposes, below are "Domain Name Base" and "Active Zone" in .COM and .NET as disclosed by on the dates indicated (declines in registrations from prior date shown tagged with red asterisk):

DOMAIN NAME BASE as of  Jan 1, 2019
.com   138,992,610
.net       13,956,864*
Total  152,949,474
Active zone:
.COM   137,286,180
.NET      13,732,850*
Total:    151,019,030

DOMAIN NAME BASE as of  July 3, 2018
.com   135,608,870
.net       14,123,915*
Total  149,732,785
Active zone:
.COM   134,023,720
.NET      13,907,507*
Total:    147,931,227

DOMAIN NAME BASE as of Jan 1, 2018
.com   131,895,290
.net       14,477,009*
Total: 146,372,299 domain names
Active zone:
.COM  130,374,997
.NET     14,257,225*
Total:  144,632,222

DOMAIN NAME BASE as of July 13, 2017
.com       129,344,060
.net           15,086,336*
TOTAL: 144,430,396 domain names
Active zone:
.COM 127,852, 944
.NET    14,859, 694*
Total:  142,712,638 domain names

DOMAIN NAME BASE AS OF December 13, 2016
.com      128,023, 402
.net           15,513,607*
TOTAL: 143,537,009 domain names
Active zone:
.COM 126,934,912
.NET    15,349,950*
Total:  142,284,862 domain names

.com 127,424,320
.net     15,780,421*
Total 143,204,741 domain names
Active zone:
.COM 126,478,871
.NET 15,585,046*
Total: 142,063,917 domain names.

DOMAIN NAME BASE AS OF January 4, 2016
.com 123,962,081
.net     15,805,487
Total 139,767,568 domain names
Active zone:
.COM 123,053,718
.NET 15,598,569
Total: 138,652,287 domain names.

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