Bad Domain Name Strategy, Good Domain Name Strategy

The difference between good domain name strategy and bad? Here are two examples:

Most of us remember the overstock.com to o.co disaster--

Overstock Abandons O.co - Overstock.com, Inc. (NASDAQ:OSTK) | Seeking Alpha: "Nov. 14, 2011...
The O.co disaster takes the cake. First the company announced on July 20 that it bought the domain name for a whopping $350,000 of its scarce cash. As Ad Age pointed out, the company "began an aggressive run of TV commercials that declared, 'Overstock.com is now O.co'" at about that time. And now, barely four months later, it's all over. A flop.It was irretrievably dumb. Customers went to "O.com" instead of O.co, and were so confused that it was pointed out at the company's conference call a couple of weeks ago that the changeover had contributed to a decline in revenues...."

Now for an example of good domain name strategy - TheBitcoinNews.co.uk acquires Domain Name “TheBitcoinNews.com” for global market--

We Have Acquired the Domain Name “TheBitcoinNews.com” | The Bitcoin News - Decentralised Bitcoin and Crypto News: "The new domain will be very soon routed and TheBitcoinNews.co.uk is then available for International users via http://TheBitcoinNews.com"

For the drill down on domain name strategy and more, read: The Bull Market in Dot Com Domain Names Has Just Begun.

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