Fred Wilson, Investing, Crowded Trades, new gTLD Domain Names

As I've said before, only morons think increasing supply increases demand [or prices] --

A Dozen Things I’ve Learned from Fred Wilson | 25iq: "... “Don’t do the obvious thing.” As Will Rogers put even more simply: “Always drink upstream from the herd.” Trying to find positive optionality in areas where others are intensely focused is what investors call a crowded trade (i.e., too many people trying to do the same thing). You can’t do better than a mob if you are part of the mob."..."

So where is the mob today? New gTLD domain names? Are you part of the mob trying to find positive optionality in a crowded trade?

Caveat Emptor -- be mindful of the data -- and remember that drops in new gTLD domain names do not begin until 2015 (first renewals or drops).

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