ICANN, IANA, and the IETF, Internet Engineering Task Force (video)

Top 10 Things to Know Before Your First IETF Meeting -  video below:

IANA transition: it may take a long, long time, perhaps never, before ICANN is accountable, transparent, and ready. That is another reason why it is better to proceed and separate IANA from ICANN, now. IETF seems to agree (see below).

"The IETF's mission is "to make the Internet work better" but it is the Internet Engineering Task Force, so this means: make the Internet work better from an engineering point of view. We try to avoid policy and business questions, as much as possible. If you're interested in these general aspects, consider joining the Internet Society. Most participants in the IETF are engineers with knowledge of networking protocols and software. Many of them know a lot about networking hardware too."

ICANN and Transition of NTIA’s Stewardship | IETF Blog: "Accountability has been a big topic for debate at ICANN. But for the purposes of the [IANA] transition, what matters are those aspects of accountability that relate to the IANA functions. And those aspects need to be addressed in the transition. There are other aspects of accountability in the ICANN system that may require a different and longer process."

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