The Kitschy Mastery of Ronco Infomercials (video)

The Kitschy Mastery of Ronco Infomercials:

Video above published Apr 3, 2017 by WSJ.com: Ronco Brands ​infomercials for everything from the Veg-O-Matic to the Rotisserie Oven​ ​dominated late-night TV for decades​. ​Here's a look at what went into this singular art form.

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Ronco Holdings, Inc. 
Ronco is an American company that manufactures and sells a variety of items and devices, most commonly those used in the kitchen. Ron Popeil founded the company in 1964, and commercials for the company's products soon became pervasive and memorable, in part thanks to Popeil's personal sales pitches. The names "Ronco" and "Popeil" and the suffix "-O-Matic" (used in many early product names) became icons of American popular culture and were often referred to by comedians introducing fictional gadgets.--wikipedia.org

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