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2017 ICANN Meetings: ICANN Community Forum from 11-16 March in Copenhagen; ICANN Policy Forum from 26-29 June in Johannesburg; and ICANN General Meeting from 28 October-3 November in Abu Dhabi.
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  • ICANN58 Thursday Public Forum fast forward past first 2 hours--last hour has most of the substantive questions. 
  • Internet Governance Public Session: Enhanced Cooperation (Working Group of CSTD); the WSIS Forum 2017; the ITU Expert Group work on ITRs and preparations for ITU WTDC (World Telecommunications Development Conference); G20 / OECD work on Internet, High Level Political Forum (HLPF); UN GGE, and the launch of Global Commission on the Stability of Cyberspace (GCSC); Discussion on Internet Governance priorities for CCWG / ICANN taking account of new global political agenda (for example with respect to rise of cyber-sovereignty and Internet nationalism).
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