Websites Blacklisted for Spreading Malicious Software via Ad Networks

If you operate a website and accept advertising from third parties (banners, etc.), you better check it all out carefully, and continue monitoring, otherwise you run a grave risk of having your website blacklisted for spreading malware:

Google Blocks Demonoid for Spreading Malicious Software | TorrentFreak"...problems with third party ads provoked a harsh response from Google...Google goes on to report that the malicious software in question was hosted on another domain – adv-inv-net.com – and further investigation reveals that the site is the source of a huge number of problems....Aware that Demonoid along with thousands of other sites had been blacklisted by most search engines and web browsers, Demonoid’s operators announced that all advertisements would be removed from the site until the problem could be identified. “We run content from a lot of ad networks in our ad banners, and a lot of banners from each,” the management team said in an announcement...."

In other words, the source ad network supplying ads to Demonoid caused the Demonoid website to be blacklisted.

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