What Is Going On Over at Rick's Blog?

One of the fun things about domaining is reading all the diverse, entertaining, informative, funny and sometimes completely off-the-wall domainer blogs out there. Almost everyone in the domain name industry knows of Rick Schwartz, the "Domain King," and his blog. Rick hasn't been blogging much lately, but recently posted (link below) in support of his upcoming TRAFFIC Conference in Las Vegas. Having read the post and all the comments more than once, I don't think I have ever read anything like this before. Between Rick, someone named "It's 2014 people" [Howard Neu??] and GetItFido's own Neil Sackmary, this post may go down in blogging history as a classic folks, and it is well worth your time to read the whole thing, including comments, if nothing else for the entertainment value -- here's the link and a brief taste:

GetitFido.com's Neil Sackmary May Shake The Domain Industry to the CORE!! | The Rick Schwartz Domain Name and Traffic Blog RicksBlog.com | Home of the "Domain King": ".... It's 2014 people: 'Rick, you have lost your mind....'"

All I can add is that I sure hope GetItFido's Neil Sackmary has spent sufficient time dogfooding ;-) before presenting whatever it is he has at TRAFFIC!

-- John Poole, Domain Mondo

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