London Property Market: Massive Undersupply, Cheap Pound, Uncertainty

Massive Undersupply in London Property Market: Knight Frank

Knight Frank (knightfrank.com) global head of research Liam Bailey discusses the impact of the Brexit vote on the U.K. property market for long-term investors and speculators. He speaks with Bloomberg TV Malaysia's Sophie Kamaruddin, July 5, 2016. See also: ‘Panic’ Withdrawals Halt Four More U.K. Property Funds | Bloomberg.com and British Pound-US Dollar Chart.

“Never let a good crisis go to waste”--Winston Churchill
“Be fearful when others are greedy and greedy when others are fearful”--Warren Buffett

Andrea Leadsom: 'I want to make the UK the greatest country on Earth':

The energy minister and a leading Leave campaigner, Andrea Leadsom, responded to accusations of hypocrisy, made in the Mail on Sunday, which referred to a speech she gave in 2013 - to the Hansard Society - warning about the dangers of leaving the EU. Speaking to Andrew Marr, she rejected the accusations of hypocrisy, and said she had argued for radical change of the European Union. On her bid to be the next Conservative leader and prime minister, she said: "The next person to lead this country has to somebody who believes in the opportunity of leaving the EU." Published July 3, 2016.
UPDATE: Theresa May and Andrea Leadsom Will Run-Off in Race to Be Next U.K. Prime Minister: Theresa May and Andrea Leadsom will face off in an all-female battle to succeed David Cameron as U.K. prime minister and lead the country’s negotiations to leave the European Union.--Bloomberg.com  See also:  Brexit Postscript: FTSE100 Roars, Theresa May, Sword in Hand, Next PM? | DomainMondo.com

John Gray's article: The strange death of liberal politics | NewStatesman.com"... Europe’s image as a safe option has given way to the realisation that it is a failed experiment. A majority of British voters grasped this fact, which none of our establishments has yet understoodNo single leader or party is responsible for the debacle of the Remain camp. It is true that gross errors were made in the course of the campaign. Telling voters who were considering voting Leave that they were stupid, illiterate, xenophobic and racist was never going to be an effective way of persuading them to change their views. The litany of insults voiced by some leaders of the Remain campaign expressed their sentiments towards millions of ordinary people. It did not occur to these advanced minds that their contempt would be reciprocated ..." (emphasis added)

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