Congressional Hearing Disrupter Series: Delivering to Consumers (video)

Disrupter Series: Delivering to Consumers

Hearing (video above) begins 14:04.
Disrupter Series: Delivering to Consumers | Energy and Commerce Committee
Tuesday, May 23, 2017 - 10:15am
Location: 2322 Rayburn, Washington, D.C.
UPS tests residential drone delivery:

Video above published Feb 21, 2017: UPS tested the use of drones for residential delivery for the first time in Tampa, Florida. The company demonstrated an octocopter launching from the roof of a hybrid electric delivery van, making a delivery, then returning to re-dock on the van which had moved to a new location further down the road.


Mr. Shyam Chidamber
Chief Evangelist and Senior Advisor, Flirtey [flirtey.com] Deliveries with Drones
Witness Statement: "Unmanned Aerial Vehicle or “drone” based delivery is a game-changing commercial and consumer technology that is rapidly becoming technologically and economically feasible in the United States. Flirtey Inc. is a leading drone delivery service that has created many firsts in the use of this technology ..."

Dr. Harry Holzer
Jo John LaFarge Jr. S.J. Professor of Public Policy, McCourt School of Public Policy, Georgetown University
Witness Statement: "Thank you for inviting me today to share my thoughts on how new digital technologies can affect employment in business delivery services, and on how new digital technologies can affect the labor market more broadly ..."

Mr. Bastian Lehmann
Founder and CEO, Postmates [postmates.com]
Witness Statement: "...  Postmates is described as a leader in on-demand delivery – we quite literally mean that through the tap of a button on your phone – the platform enables anyone to get anything from their neighborhoods, delivered to their doorsteps within minutes ..."

Mr. Brian Wynne
President and CEO, Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International [auvsi.org]
Witness Statement: "... My comments today will focus on unmanned aircraft systems, or UAS, which are increasingly being used by a range of American businesses ..."


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