ICANN, IANA, Fadi’s railroad just got derailed

After the NTIA IANA transition announcement, ICANN thought it could grab all of the power for itself, and continue as before, unaccountable, all-powerful --

Fadi’s railroad: Are the I* organizations getting on board? | IGP Blog: "The solution is plain to seestructural separation of domain name policy making and root zone implementation. We have been hammering home the idea since the release of our proposal March 3. Structural separation should be a key principle of the transition. One way to bring it about would be to structurally separate IANA functions from ICANN, as suggested in IGP’s proposal. Another alternative might be to structurally separate the GNSO from ICANN. In other words, leave the IANA functions with ICANN, but pull out the GNSO and make it a separate organization with its own management and board. That may sound radical, but it was actually the original plan of Jon Postel and the early ICANN years. Indeed, one of the proponents of the I* statement, ARIN Director John Curran, was a strong advocate of this “separate DNSO” model, for reasons that parallel our advocacy of structural separation." (read more at the link above)

Yes, the solution is plain to see, separate IANA from ICANN.

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