With US protection, ICANN has had irresponsible, unaccountable power, but that will soon end

What happens to ICANN when Uncle Sugar is no longer around to provide protection and cover for the California non-profit corporation, formed at the instance of the US government and for which the US tailored the ICANN contract so there would be no competition? ICANN has been, in effect, an instrumentality of the US government, a sham corporation, formed to oversee the domain name and numbering system. The US government has never exercised much, if any, oversight over ICANN activities. As such, ICANN has been cloaked with a kind of immunity, above and beyond true accountability of any government, consumers, users, business interests, free to do as it pleased.

That time is soon coming to an end. Even if ICANN survives, it will not be long before ICANN will wish Uncle Sugar was still around to give it protection, cover, and legitimacy. Multi-stakeholders can be awfully demanding, threatening, and even destructive, if they do not get their way!

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