Barry Ritholtz: Apple Proves You Should Not Trust Analysts (video)

Barry Ritholtz: Apple Proves You Should Not Trust Pundits a/k/a Analysts (video above)

domain name: apple.com

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Domain Mondo | New gTLD Domains, Market Forecasts, Analysts, Monkeys"One of the collective fallacies our culture operates under is the delusion that the market is some kind of astute forecasting machine. It is not — it represents the collective wisdom of 10 million panicked monkeys. That millions of slightly clever, pants wearing primates can combine their collective ignorance, their intellectual foibles, biases and false beliefs somehow into something resembling intelligence was one of the false beliefs of the era. Unfortunately, this is a condition the monkeys are prone towards....”--Barry Ritholtz (emphasis added)

and for further reference re: new gTLD domain names--

"... Second most surprising [in 2014] was the slower uptake of new gTLD SLD's [new generic top-level domain names]... we were surprised that the consuming public and other registrars were not standing there eagerly to take the baton and run forward with the same zeal that it took us to get that baton to them... " -- Frank Schilling (emphasis added; source: dnjournal.com)

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