Fadi Chehade on Domain Hoggers, IANA Transition (ICANN 52 video); US NTIA Pressures Stakeholders

ICANN52 Press Conference video below
ICANN President and CEO Fadi ChehadĂ©, Board Chair Dr. Steve Crocker, and President of the Global Domains Division Akram Atallah, answer journalists questions during the ICANN52 press conference on February 9, 2015. Video begins at a point [33:18] where Fadi Chehade is asked about his public statements about domain hogging. After that Steve Crocker and Chehade address the IANA transition and the US 2016 election. People attending the ICANN 52 meeting in Singapore this week have been complaining on Twitter about the heavy-handed pressure being applied by the United States government and ICANN on attendees to hurry-up the IANA transition process and hand everything over to ICANN (see below). Ira Magaziner was a featured speaker at the ICANN 52 Opening Session this week in Singapore, see: Political Windows Open And Close, Says ICANN President; Seeks End Of Prep For IANA Transition"Ira Magaziner, pushed for urgency in finalising the proposal for the future oversight of the private names and numbers regime."

Magaziner was also selected by ICANN's PEG--NTIA's Larry Strickling is one of the four members of PEG--to be an "Advisor" to sit on the Cross Community Working Group on Enhancing ICANN Accountability (CCWG). Many in the Internet community remember that Magaziner reportedly threatened Jon Postel in 1998:

Internet Assigned Numbers Authority - Wikipedia"In January 1998, Postel was threatened by US Presidential science advisor Ira Magaziner with the statement "You'll never work on the Internet again" after Postel collaborated with root server operators to test using a root server other than Network Solutions' "A" root to act as the authority over the root zone.* Demonstrating that control of the root was from the IANA rather than from Network Solutions would have clarified IANA's authority to create new top-level domains as a step to resolving the DNS Wars, but he ended his effort after Magaziner's threat, and died not long after." (emphasis added)

*Jon Postel - Wikipedia"On January 28, 1998, Postel, as a test, emailed eight of the twelve operators of Internet's regional root nameservers on his own authority and instructed them to change the root zone server from then SAIC subsidiary Network Solutions (NSI)'s A.ROOT-SERVERS.NET ( to IANA's DNSROOT.IANA.ORG ( The operators complied with Postel's instructions, thus dividing control of Internet naming between the non-government operators with IANA and the 4 remaining U.S. Government roots at NASA, DoD, and BRL with NSI...."

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