ICANN 52, Universal Acceptance, New gTLD Domain Names "break stuff"

Screenshot from ICANN 52 Session on Universal Acceptance, ICANN's new gTLDs "break stuff"
Slide from ICANN 52 session on Universal Acceptance - ICANN's new gTLDs "break stuff"
ICANN: "Many of the services and applications Internet users rely on, do not accept new top-level domains [ICANN's new generic top-level Domains], Internationalized Domain Names or Internationalized email addresses. The issue poses a risk to the public perception of ICANN's New gTLD and IDN Programs. This session is intended to solicit community interest in participating in ICANN's Universal Acceptance Initiative, discuss ICANN's outreach plans and gather new ideas for tackling the issue." (ICANN's description of the Universal Acceptance session at ICANN 52)

Better late than never, it has now been proposed that ICANN form a "steering group" to help solve the problem ICANN created with its ill-conceived, misbegotten new gTLDs program, and even an industry organization for new gTLD proponents wants to "help"--thedna.org--headed by former ICANN Chief Strategy Officer, Kurt Pritz, architect of the new gTLDs program, who resigned during development of the program for an undisclosed conflict of interest reportedly "related" to one of the chief backers of both the new gTLDs program and thedna.org, ARI Registry Services. But domain name registrants should be forewarned, this problem is going to take "years" to solve:

Slide from ICANN 52 session on Universal Acceptance -
New gTLD Domain Names "Do Not Work" Across The Internet and the Problem Will Take "Years" To Fix

Download the ICANN 52 Universal Acceptance pdf and then listen/watch the Universal Acceptance session from ICANN 52 at the links below (note: there is an audio problem in the first five minutes of the video), and laugh or weep when you hear of the complaints coming from domain name registrants and internet users, to give but one example of many,  that e.g., "the new gTLD .SOCIAL does not work" on the internet--

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Universal Acceptance | Adobe Connect: Full [EN] Virtual Meeting Room Stream Archive (English)
Universal Acceptance | Audio: Full [EN] Audio Stream Archive (English)

And to top everything off, the inept, incompetent, unaccountable, and conflicted ICANN now wants the global multistakeholder community to give ICANN all power and control over the Internet DNS in the IANA stewardship transition!

  1. Once the IANA transition is complete, and ICANN no longer has benefit of government contractor immunity and similar defenses, who will be the first to file a claim against ICANN related to its new gTLDs--a new gTLD registry operator or applicant, a new gTLD registrar, or a new gTLD domain name registrant? 
  2. What would be the total potential liability for such claims? Billions of dollars (US)? 
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ICANN, New gTLD Domain Names, Universal Acceptance Another #FAIL - 14 October 2014

Caveat Emptor!

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