ICANN, New gTLDs, Neil Young, PonoPlayer - Who Else Wears No Clothes?

Neil Young's PonoPlayer: The Emperor Has No Clothes"... You’ve got to admit it: The argument for the Pono Player sure is appealing — that we don’t know what we’ve been missing in our music. Unfortunately, it isn’t true..." -- David Pogue  (complete review and video at link above)

Domain name: ponomusic.force.com (yes, a subdomain of force.com which is owned by a completely separate entity: Salesforce.com, Inc. Apparently Mr. Young is also clueless about domain names and how to build a sustainable online business?)

David Pogue's review of Neil Young's Pono is devastating. But even more illuminating was the insight gleaned by one of my favorite bloggers (excerpt below):

Re-Pono - Lefsetz Letter: "Why does Neil Young get a pass?... But that’s the news industry today. Few stand alone. They want to sidle up to the rich and famous who believe they’re so much better than us. Kind of like the rich westsiders who refuse to vaccinate their kids. Of course they’re right, they went to Ivy League schools, they’re rich! And they’re perpetuating their breed, if they don’t get felled by disease, using their money, power and influence to get ahead while the poor line up for shots and take whatever is given to them... So I’m waiting for the big boys to say Pono sucks. David Pogue just did, and his opinion went viral, if you didn’t get it you need new friends, he declared that “The Emperor Has No Clothes.”... anybody with a brain knew this project was doomed from the start.I said so. But I was inundated by e-mail from his fans calling me a hater. That’s how far we’ve come, you can’t say a negative thing about anybody with a profile because you’re gonna offend their tribe... What did Jack Nicholson say in that movie, YOU CAN’T HANDLE THE TRUTH? No one can handle the truth anymore... So football is safe, global warming doesn’t exist and Neil Young can’t be wrong. But he is... " (emphasis added, read full article at link above).

OK, I'll add the obvious analogy for those who "don't get it:"

So football is safe, global warming doesn't exist and ICANN and the new gTLD hucksters can't be wrong... but they are.

Caveat Emptor!

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