2018 Forecasts: From US-China Trade War to Chaos in the Mideast (video)

FT Forecasts 2018: From US-China trade war to chaos in the Mideast

The FT.com's senior commentators give their big predictions for the year ahead, from a US-China trade war, to Silicon Valley (Facebook, Amazon & Google) and regulation, to Theresa May surviving as UK prime minister and chaos in the Middle East. Financial Times video above published Dec 28, 2017.

FT Forecasts 2018: A US-China trade war?

FT.com chief foreign affairs commentator Gideon Rachman predicts that next year could see the US aim tariffs at China. If China retaliates with its own tariffs we could see the beginnings of a trade war with implications for the world's trading system. Financial Times video above published Dec 26, 2017.

Are Stocks Still A Good Bet In 2018?

Here's why BlackRock.com’s Kate Moore says yes. Fortune.com video above published Dec 12, 2017.

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