How Big A Failure Are New gTLDs? One Picture Tells All

ICANN's delusional ideas about innovation, competition, and consumer choice notwithstanding, the hard, cold reality of the disastrous new gTLDs domain names program, is now becoming clear--here's one picture that tells all:

Chart of New gTLD Websites Categorization
thumbnail source: Versign Study (click to go to original)

  • 41 percent of all new gTLD domain names are serving up PPC websites. A PPC website contains little user-generated content and almost exclusively advertising links. 
  • 17% of all new gTLD domain names fail to resolve to a website (return "error")
  • 10% redirect to another website
  • 10% have no content to classify
  • 8% holding page
  • 11% "other"
  • Only 3 percent of domain names registered in new gTLDs contain business websites!

Read more about the above referenced study here.

And of course, ICANN is getting ready for a second round of new gTLDs that the world neither wants nor needs. But hey, ICANN is making $185,000 (plus renewals) for each new gTLD from which it can expand staff, pay exorbitant salaries and benefits and lavish contractor fees, and hold junkets at luxury hotels worldwide! So that's how to profit off a non-profit corporation with no membership, and a self-selected Board of Directors, with no accountability nor oversight!

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