Drinking the Kool-Aid With Frank Schilling

Time to pause and drink some Frank Schilling Kool-Aid on a hot summer day--I love Twitter and almost everybody loves Frank (even if you disagree with him)--so here's a selection of his Tweets (and 1 Retweet-- being the first one below) with a little Domain Mondo commentary in-between:

LOL! Little did they know!

Meaning the ones Frank owns!
CONTROL them ALL Dr. No--err--Mr. Frank!
"Bet on all of them"--oh yeah, real good advice for investors or gamblers!
Uh, Frank, you better check with De Beers on that one.
Imagine that!
Notice Frank doesn't predict the same for .TATTOO - #newgTLD remorse?
For follow-up see this
"2015 ... com flatlines" = Frank heavy into the Kool-Aid
OK, what will be at the top of that measure? .TATTOO? LOL!
A psychiatrist could have a field day psychoanalyzing the above--I'm not touching it with a ten-foot pole!
Yes, it's called fools and their money
I'm not getting between Frank and Esther Dyson!

Have a good weekend--you too, Frank!

-- John Poole, Domain Mondo

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