The Web We Want (video)

Web We Want: " . . . In the next few months, three more heavyweight global meetings dedicated to the subject of Internet governance will take place. First up is the WEF/ICANN NETmundial Initiative* on August 28 in Geneva, in which I [Anne Jellema, Web Foundation CEO] and Web Foundation founder Sir Tim Berners-Lee, will participate. Shortly thereafter, the global Internet Governance Forum gets underway in Istanbul, where we’ll be participating in multiple panels and side events. And in late October and early November, the ITU Plenipotentiary will be held in South Korea...."

More info: https://webwewant.org and https://webfoundation.org/2014/08/the-fall-of-internet-governance/

*WEF/ICANN NETmundial Initiative meeting Thursday, August 28 to be streamed LIVE at expvc.com starting at 11 am (Geneva/CEST) / 5 am EDT (US) / event time converter

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