Xiaomi Getting a Lot of Things Right, including domain names (video)

Xiaomi Is Getting a Lot of Things Right: Lashford: Video - Bloomberg:
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Rachel Lashford, vice president of analysis at Canalys, discusses Xiaomi's market share gains in Asia with Rishaad Salamat on "On The Move Asia." (Source: Bloomberg Aug 6)

domains: xiaomi.com (resolves to mi.com for Chinese market); mi.com (global market -- including English language for US)

Management - mi.com: "Mr. Hugo Barra Vice President Hugo Barra is responsible for Xiaomi's Global division and is in charge of the company's products and operations in all markets outside of Mainland China. Before joining Xiaomi in 2013, Hugo Barra was Vice President of Android Product Management at Google. Prior to joining the Android team, he worked for Google in London as Director of Product Management for Mobile, a role he had since joining the company in 2008. Hugo is a graduate of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology with bachelors and masters degrees in computer science, electrical engineering and management science."

Xiaomi looks to brand for international markets with Mi.com"Ever since Xiaomi hired Hugo Barra away from Google's Android team, it was made clear that the company had designs on expanding its brand reach around the world. While the company has expanded a bit, it has taken its first real step in reaching a Western market by purchasing the Mi.com domain. The simple fact of the matter is that Xiaomi is a tough name for many to remember... So, Xiaomi has decided to simplify its URL branding to just Mi.com.  Impressively, Xiaomi dropped a record $3.6 million on the domain name. This makes it the most expensive domain purchased by a Chinese company, and the 17th most expensive URL of all time."

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