Tech Review: Trump's Cybersecurity Executive Order | TR 2017-05-13

Tech Review (TR 2017-05-13)--Domain Mondo's weekly review of tech news:

Features • 1) Cybersecurity Executive Order, 2) Q1 2017: Alibaba Group, 3) Google Chrome OS, Chromebooks, Android, 4) Except for the USA, only 4 other nations have an economy larger than California, 5) Alipay Mobile Payments in US,  6) California License Plate Privacy, 7) Softbank Investing, 8) ICYMI.

1) White House Press Briefing May 11, 2017, on Cybersecurity Executive Order:

Video above: White House Press Briefing on President Trump's Cybersecurity Executive Order, May 11, 2017. Press Briefing by Principal Deputy Press Secretary Sarah Sanders and Homeland Security Advisor Tom Bossert (ends at 17:17). Transcript of briefing here. More info: Presidential Executive Order on Strengthening the Cybersecurity of Federal Networks and Critical Infrastructure | whitehouse.gov.

The Executive Order contains three key priorities:
  1. Protecting federal networks, 
  2. Updating antiquated and outdated systems, and 
  3. Directing all department and agency heads to work together "so that we view our federal I.T. as one enterprise network," said Bossert.
Cybersecurity is a real issue within the U.S. federal government and all of its agencies. One report from cybersecurity company Thales (thalessecurity.com) indicates 34% of federal agencies experienced a data breach in the last year, and 96% of all federal agencies consider themselves “vulnerable” to cyberattack, with 48% saying they are “very” or “extremely” vulnerable.

See also: President Trump Protects America's Cyber Infrastructure | whitehouse.gov and Leaked NSA Malware Is Helping Hijack Computers Around the World | theintercept.com.

Other Tech News:

2) Alibaba Group Quarterly Earnings Webcast, May 18, 7:30 am EDT, via DomainMondo.com. See also: JD.com GMV, Active Customers Grew by >40% Q1 2017 | ChinaInternetWatch.com.

4) Except for the USA, only 4 other nations have an economy larger than California:

5) China's Alipay Grabs Slice of U.S. Market With First Data | Bloomberg.com: Alipay's mobile payments wallet to be accepted at 4 million U.S. stores.

6)  EFF, Sen. Anderson Sponsor California License Plate Privacy Legislation | Electronic Frontier Foundation | eff.org: "... ALPRs are high-speed cameras that photograph the license plates of any vehicles that pass within view and convert the plate scans into machine-readable information. GPS coordinates and time stamps are attached to the data, which is uploaded to a searchable central database ... this information may be accessed by a variety of sectors ... this data can reveal sensitive, private location information about innocent people, such as their travel patterns, where they sleep at night, where they worship, when they attend political protests or gun shows, and what medical facilities they visit ..."

7) SoftBank investing $5 billion in China ride hailing firm Didi Chuxing | Reuters.com: Softbank, the "Berkshire Hathaway of the tech industry"?--See also: Japan's SoftBank invests $500 million in UK tech start-up Improbable | Reuters.com.

8) ICYMI Tech News Quick Takes:

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