A Surveillance Camera Can See You Sneeze at 4,000 Feet (video)

This Surveillance Camera Can See You Sneeze at 4,000 Feet

Wall Street Journal (wsj.com) video above published Jun 14, 2018: With its 19 lenses, the Mantis, one of the world’s most powerful cameras, can capture cities and people in the big picture, and then drill down into extraordinary detail. This tool is now powering the Chinese surveillance state.

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Our scientist co-founders – innovators in computational imaging, processing, electrical and computer engineering – developed the technology that would become the foundation of Aqueti at Duke University, where they successfully built the world’s most compact gigapixel camera. In 2012, they founded Aqueti, a privately held startup headquartered in Durham, North Carolina. Our mission: to continue refining high pixel count cameras and their integrated software to achieve the highest resolution possible in a compact, elegant solution. At Aqueti, we’re not just reinventing resolution. We want to change the way people think about cameras. Our vision: Anywhere you see a camera, it should be an Aqueti camera.--Aqueti, Inc.

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