World's Fastest Supercomputer, Oak Ridge National Laboratory (video)

Summit Supercomputer

Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) video above published Jun 11, 2018: ORNL's new 200-petaflops system debuts as America’s top supercomputer for science. Read more at ORNL Launches Summit Supercomputer - New 200-Petaflops System Debuts as America’s Top Supercomputer for Science | ornl.gov

What Is A Supercomputer?

CNBC.com video above published Jun 21, 2018: the United States now has the world's fastest supercomputer, called Summit, built for Oak Ridge National Laboratory in partnership with IBM and NVidia, and designed for AI applications. Today's supercomputers are made up of thousands of connected processors, and their speed has grown exponentially over the past few decades. The first supercomputer, released in 1964, was called the CDC 6600. It used a single processor to achieve 3 million calculations per second. While that may sound impressive, it is tens of thousands of times slower than an iPhone.
source: Statista.com

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