What To Do About Yahoo? (video)

Yahoo Faces Tough Search for Japan Exit - WSJ: ".... Yahoo may ... spin off the Yahoo Japan stake into a separately listed unit, similar to what Yahoo intends to do with its Alibaba stake. Such a strategy could save Yahoo shareholders billions of dollars in taxes. It would also lead to a somewhat awkward situation where not one, but two Asian Internet companies have rump spinoffs. Unless a big buyer emerges, that looks to be the eventual fate of Yahoo’s Asian investments." (read more at the link above)

"Yahoo is amidst a multi-year transformation to return an iconic company to greatness. This quarter, we saw encouraging revenue growth of 8%, with display revenue growing a modest 2% and search growing 20% on a GAAP basis... "We anticipated that we would grow GAAP revenue ahead of revenue ex-TAC and EBITDA, and that's precisely what we saw this quarter. For the next phase ... we will focus on accelerating our GAAP revenue growth while managing our margins and costs." - Yahoo Earnings Release Q1 2015

For an upbeat assessment of Marissa Mayer's vision and strategy for Yahoo going forward see:  Is Marissa Mayer Running Out of Time? (video) - Bloomberg Business: Hyperstop Managing Partner Johnny Won discusses Yahoo’s mobile search and native advertising efforts with Pimm Fox on “Taking Stock.” (Source: Bloomberg - April 21, 2015)

YAHOO INC (Form: 10-K, Received: 02/27/2015): "Yahoo! Inc... is a guide focused on making users’ digital habits inspiring and entertaining. By creating highly personalized experiences for our users, we keep people connected to what matters most to them, across devices and around the world. This focus is driven by our commitment to creating highly personalized experiences that reach our users wherever they might be—on their mobile phone, tablet or PC. We create value for advertisers with a streamlined, simplified advertising technology stack that leverages Yahoo’s data, reach and analytics to connect advertisers with their target audiences. For advertisers, the opportunity to be a part of users’ digital habits across products and platforms is a powerful tool to engage audiences and build brand loyalty. Advertisers can build their businesses through advertising to targeted audiences on our online properties and services (“Yahoo Properties”) and a distribution network of third party entities (“Affiliates”) who integrate our advertising offerings into their Websites or other offerings (“Affiliate sites”; together with Yahoo Properties, the “Yahoo Network”). Our revenue is generated principally from display and search advertising...." 

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