GoDaddy IPO Puts Lipstick on the Pig, Raises $460 million

GoDaddy IPO is like ICANN and its new gTLDs program (pdf), putting lipstick on a pig:
IPO Preview: GoDaddy (GDDY) | Seeking Alpha"Per share dilution -$48.54 vs. IPO mid-range of $18 (private equity sucked out as much cash as possible). Price-to-tangible book -.6, one of the lowest we've seen (low is worse)." (emphasis added)

Domain Mondo finds it ironic that GoDaddy decided to launch its IPO on April Fools' Day--today, April 1, 2015. In any event the private equity owners must be satisfied with the results thus far, raising $460 million in the IPO, and initial trading indicating a $4 billion valuation.

GoDaddy: Unexciting IPO With Looming Opportunity - GoDaddy (Pending:GDDY) | Seeking Alpha"The IPO is clearly an opportunity for the private equity owners to exit and take a payday while IPO appetites and market valuations are high. The current IPO is structured to create limited dilution for existing owners. The result will be a large payday."

Recent Seeking Alpha articles and other info on GDDY--GoDaddy IPO April 1, 2015:

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