GMO's Jeremy Grantham: Stocks 'Decently Different This Time' (video)

GMO's Grantham: Stocks 'Decently Different This Time'

Video above published Apr 3, 2017 by WSJ.com: Jeremy Grantham, co-founder of Boston investment firm GMO, doesn't expect valuations to drop back to normal levels for two decades. But he is keeping cash on hand to take advantage of any dip, which he says would need to be 15-20% to act.

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Keeping the Faith in Value Investing

Video above published Sep 14, 2016: Ben Inker, Co-Head of GMO’s Asset Allocation team, discusses the advantages of long-term valuation-based investing and why GMO is Keeping the Faith in this approach

GMO Quarterly Letter (pdf)
The 4Q2016 GMO Quarterly Letter features Ben Inker's "Is Trump a Get Out of Hell Free Card?" and Jeremy Grantham's "The Road to Trumpsville: The Long, Long Mistreatment of the American Working Class"
 GMO Quarterly Letter 4Q 2016

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