The Internet Society's 25th Anniversary Plans

The Internet Society Is 25 Years Old
"This year we celebrate the Internet Society's 25th year of advocacy for an open, trusted Internet available to everyone, everywhere. Today the challenges to the open Internet have never been greater - and we need you to join us in confronting those challenges. During this anniversary year, we don't just want to look back over the past 25 years - we want to apply that experience to look forward to the next 25 years on the Internet."--The Internet Society [domain: internetsociety.org]
25th Anniversary plans include:

25 Under 25 - A new program to shine the light on young people between the ages of 13 and 25 who are using the Internet to make a significant impact on our society.

Community reflections on the Internet
- You are invited to share your reflections.

Roundtable series - a series of roundtables this year on topics related to the evolution of the Internet. The first roundtable on May 11 will be hosted in conjunction with Chatham House to explore the impact of the Internet on society.

Investing in our community - Starting in the second quarter of 2017, the Internet Society will deliver a set of tools and resources to help its Chapters promote their work for the Internet and build local and regional relationships.

Internet Futures report - What will the future of the Internet look like? Early findings posted online. The full Internet Futures report will be launched in September with insights into those key driving forces, as well as recommendations for the Internet in the future.

Internet Hall of Fame – In September, the 2017 class of inductees into the Internet Hall of Fame. A special ceremony will recognize individuals who have played an extraordinary role in the development and advancement of the Internet.

Special edition of InterCommunity, 19 September – the global "InterCommunity" membership meeting will kick-off with the presentation of the new class of Internet Hall of Fame inductees. Following the ceremony, community dialogue on topics from the Internet Futures report.

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