Cyber Sovereignty & Wuzhen Summit 2017 Update: China's 4th WIC (video)

World Internet Conference attracts worldwide talent to China's Wuzhen

CGTN America video above published Dec 3, 2017: The World Internet Conference (WIC) attracted worldwide talent to Wuzhen, China. Tech and political leaders came together to discuss the future of the internet. CGTN’s Zou Yun reports.
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China's President Xi Jinping renews call for  ‘cyber sovereignty’ at the Wuzhen Summit a/k/a World Internet Conference--
Cyber sovereignty, the idea that each country has the right to censor and regulate the internet is being taken up elsewhere including Russia which temporarily blocked Tencent’s social media app WeChat in May for not complying with local regulations. Also addressing the conference Sunday were Apple CEO Tim Cook and Google CEO Sundar Pichai. In the last year, Apple has removed from its local App Store various apps not  approved by China's government, including Skype. Facebook, Google, Netflix, YouTube, and Twitter, are among the many western tech companies blocked in China. China was ranked last in terms of internet freedom in a survey last month by Freedom House, a pro-democracy group that lists Google among its funders. "One person who won’t be making an appearance this year is China’s former internet tsar Lu Wei, who delivered a speech at the closing ceremony two years ago. Lu has been detained amid an internal party corruption investigation."--South China Morning Post | scmp.com.
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