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Kudos to ICANN President and CEO Fadi Chehadé for leading the way--

An Initiative for Action - ICANN - by Fadi Chehadé: (18 Aug 2014) "Back in May, I wrote a blog titled "Turning Talk into Action after NETmundial." In it, I promised to work tirelessly on coalescing governments, private sector and civil society to operationalize the NETmundial roadmap. I did not make this promise lightly. This promise reflects my follow-through on the directive given to me by the ICANN Board of Directors – to begin the process of shifting some of ICANN's recent role in Internet governance to a broader group. This process will allow ICANN, and me, to share further the leadership role within the Internet ecosystem, and may take until the end of year before we can fully transition ICANN's role from leader to participant. This process is now underway. ICANN will soon join several countries and multistakeholder organizations to begin to build a global initiative for Internet cooperation and governance with an emphasis on action. While the particulars of the initiative are still being finalized, I wanted to share with you – in advance of the formal announcement from the World Economic Forum and its partners from government, industry, academia and civil society – why I think this is good for ICANN and for the greater Internet ecosystem...."(emphasis added) (read more at the link above) 

More info on the meeting (NETmundial Initiative), August 28, 2014, at the World Economic Forum headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland:
Brief_NETmundial_Initiative.pdf *
Agenda_NETmundial_Initiative.pdf *

*Documents source: Internet Governance Transparency Initiative: "... an anonymous publishing site for Internet Governance related documents. Several diplomatic processes are currently underway to decide key questions about the future of the internet. Many documents can be found on the websites of the these processes: NetMundial, IANA transition, ITU Plenipotentiary, WSIS+10. But not all documents are made available to the public. Particularly those under negotiation. We believe full transparency is a fundamental value for democratic processes and informed decision making..."

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