A Case Against New Generic Top-Level Domains, New gTLDs

From the University of Richmond Journal of Law and Technology, and worthy of reading in full:

The Tangled Web: A Case Against New Generic Top-Level Domains - University of Richmond JOLT: "... While there are positives, the negative implications of introducing new generic top-level domains far outweigh these positives.  The following subsections discuss four distinct reasons that ICANN should not introduce more new generic top-level domains at this time.  First, ICANN’s own Government Advisory Committee has questioned the necessity and likelihood of success for new generic top-level domains.  Second, by issuing new generic-top level domains to private companies, a core principle of trademark law is violated.  Third, the FTC has warned ICANN that new generic top-level domains will greatly increase the difficulty of prosecuting cases of online fraud.  Finally, ICANN’s actions regarding the introduction of new generic top-level domains, thus far, have raised serious ethical concerns about the organization’s ability to fairly oversee the project..." (emphasis added, read more at the link above)

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