Markets Hit New Highs While New gTLD Registry Stocks Crash in 2014

With 2014 coming to an end, the new gTLD hucksters can't spin this one--though they try--the new gTLD registry stocks crashed in 2014 while stock markets reached all time highs:

More records for U.S. stocks as Dow tops 18,000 for first time -- The Dow industrials closed above 18,000 for the first time ever and the S&P 500 notched up its 51st record close of the year, underscoring confidence in the strength of the U.S. economy. (source below: Google.com 12/23):
Screenshot: Dow Jones Industrial Average and S&P 500 Index 2014

Meanwhile new gTLD registry stocks have been BIG LOSERS in 2014 (see below). Apparently, just as new gTLD domain name registrations have been disappointing, and falling, investors on Wall Street and in London aren't buying the ICANN new gTLDs' hokum either!

Below: Rightside (stock symbol: NAME) Yesterday close: $7.15; 52 Week High /Low: $17 / $7.085 UPDATE: Rightside [NAME] opened December 24 at low price of $7.05
and: Mind + Machines (stock symbol: MMX) Yesterday close: GBX 8.07; 52 Week High /Low GBX 17.75 / 6.75 (data source: Marketwatch.com)

Rightside (stock symbol: NAME) chart 2014
Rightside (stock symbol: NAME)

Mind + Machines (stock symbol: MMX) chart 2014
Mind + Machines (stock symbol: MMX)

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