Avoid New gTLDs, Use Only .COM Domain Names says Marketing Expert

see also: Domain Pro Spills Secrets for Getting a URL | Inc.com: "... What advice would you give to a startup founder trying to acquire a domain name that a professional domain-owner has in his or her portfolio? ... the No. 1 rule in domaining is open communications, because if you can't even communicate with the domain owner, you can't negotiate. Second: Have a list of names, branding and how you name your company. Having some options and doing a little variation can get you a far better value. Get prices on several options--and then you really have options. Another thing: If you're going to buy a [domain name ending in] .co [or ANY domain name extension other than .commake sure you know who owns the .com. Know your competition before you step in. Are there trends to be aware of, price-wise? Premium names are going up. Middle-markets are going up, and lower-value names are going down...."

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