New gTLD Domains, 2014 #FAIL, Hucksters and Losers

Hope you didn't buy into any of the BS of ICANN and the new gTLD hucksters in 2014, and Domain Mondo certainly hopes you were not an investor in a new gTLD Registry--it was one of the worst investments you could have made in an otherwise up-market year--here's an example:

"Antony Van Couvering was appointed CEO of Minds + Machines Group (L:MMX) five years ago in 2009. In the last 1 year the average annualized return to shareholders was -45.4%. The present value of GBP1,000 (PV1000) invested 1 year ago is now GBP546, a loss of GBP454." (Source: www.BuySellSignals.com)

Moral of the story: "Buy into the new gTLDs (new generic Top-Level Domains)--and lose your money!"

But of course, Domain Mondo warned you all about this.

Caveat Emptor into 2015!

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