A Simple Brandable dot COM Domain Name, Key to Success

Everywhere you look, a key to success is a simple, brandable dot COM domain name, here's another example:

Meet ICONIQ cofounder Divesh Makan, consigliere to Silicon Valley’s brightest billionaires--already ICONIQ has full discretion over $1.4 billion in client funds and advises on another $7.6 billion.

Makan, 41, has turned his otherwise run-of-the-mill registered investment advisory into an exclusive members-only Silicon Valley billionaires club that operates as a cross between a family office and a venture capital fund. His most famous client and the key to his success is billionaire Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, whom Makan met in 2004 when he was a broker at Goldman Sachs.... Makan shuns the title of wealth manager, according to those who have worked with him. He sees himself instead as part do-it-all financial consigliere, part deal broker/venture capitalist and part human Rolodex. Makan’s currency is access and relevance. While Silicon Valley stalwarts like Sequoia and Benchmark can point to a long list of successful IPOs and a deep bench of management experts, he hawks the “Zuck & Friends” brand to piece together deals...." read more at: The Spider Of Silicon Valley: Inside 'Zuck & Friends' Secret Billionaire Fund.

And you don't have to spend millions developing your website either, take a look:

domain name: iconiqcapital.com

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