Defeat Online Censorship, Tell MPAA to Kill the ZombieSOPA

Note: The following is an excerpt of an email received yesterday by the Editor of Domain Mondo, from Derek Slater of Google Inc.--

"SOPA is back, John.

In 2012, millions of Americans rose up to help defeat the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA). The public sent a clear message to Congress: don't censor the web.

Now movie industry lobbyists at the MPAA are trying to resurrect web censorship via a back door. As revealed in the press, they've organized a campaign to achieve SOPA by other means, and are still more than eager to break the way the Internet works to achieve their agenda.

The MPAA was worried this strategy would "invigorate and galvanize ... the SOPA debates." Let's prove them right!

Together we defeated online censorship once—let's do it again.  Share this graphic and tell the MPAA to kill the #ZombieSOPA.

The MPAA needs to know that all of us who truly care about the Internet won't just stand aside and let them ruin what we love.

Thanks for stepping up,

Derek Slater
Google Inc.

P.S. Here's what we had to say today."  (emphasis added)

Domain Mondo encourages readers and all users of the internet to "step up" and help defeat online censorship--please share the graphic at the link above.

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