New gTLDs, Winners, Losers, Rod Beckstrom, Kurt Pritz, ICANN (video)

Rod Beckstrom: Consumers will choose the "winners" and the "losers"

Blast from the past (published on Aug 18, 2012): Rod Beckstrom, CEO and President of ICANN, and Kurt Pritz, Senior Vice President of ICANN, discuss establishing a broad array of new generic top-level domains.

ICANN Floods the Market -- That's a competitive marketplace! And of course, we now know ICANN compromised Internet stability and security with the new gTLDs.

Hell of a way to run the global Internet DNS!

But remember, for ICANN, the new gTLDs (new generic Top-Level Domains) were never about what is in the public interest, instead, it's all about the money!

And the sad thing is, it didn't have to be this way--

"INTA favors the alternative single, shared registry model, propounded under the gTLD Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), with the registry operating on a cost-recovery basis and with competition between registrars. Under this model, the new corporation [ICANN] would be empowered to manage the gTLD name-space as a public resource, would be able to take its decisions in the wider public interest and would not be involved in the dubious practice of granting proprietary monopolies to commercial enterprises to control individual gTLDs. The single registry model is also much preferred for dealing with disputes. Instead of having to deal with different dispute policies in different jurisdictions, businesses and challenged domain name holders would have a single consistent policy and jurisdiction would be clearly determined." (emphasis added) SourceINTA Response to the U.S. Government Paper ["Green Paper"] on the Improvement of Technical Management of Internet Names and Addresses (pdf) (1998)

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