Citadel CEO Ken Griffin on Hedge Funds, Competition, Transparency

Citadel CEO Ken Griffin on Hedge Funds, Financial Regulation

Video above published May 1, 2017: Ken Griffin, Citadel's chief executive officer, discusses the state of the hedge fund industry, competition, transparency and financial regulation with Bloomberg's Erik Schatzker at the Milken Institute Global Conference.
"... [H]arder to create Alpha today, more competition … markets more efficient (news, data, information reflected almost immediately in market pricing) which reduces Alpha available … what works? … having deep expertise in the area(s) you are investing … deep specialization drives returns … transparency creates confidence that one has been treated fairly, transparency is the underpinning of a healthy capital market … in a market that is opaque, incumbents enjoy the information advantage of that opacity but that doesn’t make a good market …”--Ken Griffin
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