Internet Censorship Around The World (map)

Internet Censorship Around The World | IVPN:

Internet Censorship Around The World | IVPN.net
Red: Not Free
Pink: Partly Free
White: Free
Go to the map: https://www.ivpn.net/internet-censorship/ for more info.

Reminder: Governments and others are gathered in Istanbul, Turkey, this week (Sept. 2-5) at the Internet Governance Forum (ICANN representatives are present). The theme of this years IGF: "Connecting Continents for Enhanced Multistakeholder Internet Governance" --sub themes:
  1. Policies enabling Access 
  2. Content Creation, Dissemination and Use 
  3. Internet as engine for growth & development 
  4. IGF & The Future of the Internet ecosystem 
  5. Enhancing Digital Trust 
  6. Internet and Human Right 
  7. Critical Internet Resources 
  8. Emerging Issues 
Amnesty International says the prosecution of Twitter critics by the Government of Turkey is 'deeply hypocritical' since they are also hosting the Internet Governance Forum, where human rights is a key theme. 29 Twitter users are being tried in Izmir, Turkey, and face up to three years in jail for posting tweets during last year's protests that authorities claim 'incite the public to break the law'.

more info on IGF 2014: expvc.com

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