Alibaba.com, Mother Of All IPOs, Values .COM Company at $162 Billion

Alibaba to Plan New York IPO Roadshow Kickoff Sept. 8
*Alibaba plans to start meeting investors in New York on Sept. 8, ahead of its initial public offering later this month. DCM Co-Founder and General Partner David Chao and Bloomberg’s Mia Saini discuss on “Bloomberg West.” (Source: Bloomberg Sept 5, 2014)

Alibaba Seeks to Raise $21.1 Billion in Record-Breaking U.S. IPO - Bloomberg: "Alibaba is seeking a valuation of as much as $162.7 billion, larger than 95 percent of the Standard & Poor’s 500 Index, as it enters the IPO's final stages. At the high end of the proposed price range, Alibaba would be the third most valuable Internet company traded in the U.S. after Google Inc. [google.com] and Facebook Inc.[facebook.com] The offering could raise as much as $21.1 billion, according to a regulatory filing..."

Attention domain name investors: this isn't the overhype and hokum you constantly hear about the pathetic new gTLD domain names--no, this is about a dot COM companythe real thing--and truly the dawn of a new Internet era as the company is a .COM company from China, not Silicon Valley!

In about two weeks, one dot COM company will raise, in just one day, more on the public market than all of the new gTLD domain names sold to date, actually, more than 500x the total gross sales of ALL new gTLD domain names sold to date. Think about that the next time some donut tries to sell you a new gTLD domain name.

*Domain Name: alibaba.com

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