ICANN Open Forum at IGF 2014 (video)

IGF 2014, ICANN Open Forum (video, Part A and B, above)

Streamed live, September 4, 2014, from the Internet Governance Forum 2014 meeting at Istanbul, Turkey. ICANN holds an Open Forum at the IGF meeting every year to update participants on the progress that ICANN has made in its various processes since the last IGF. This year’s Open Forum was an opportunity for ICANN to engage in discussions with participants and exchange views with them on a number of developments that are underway such as:
ICANN five-year strategic plan (2016-2020);
ICANN Strategy Panels;
Implementation of Accountability and Transparency Review Team (ATRT) recommendations;
New gTLD program; and
Regional strategies and ongoing globalization efforts.
This was an interactive session with ICANN executives and representatives of its various constituencies engaging in an open dialogue with IGF participants on any ICANN related issues that might interest the audience. Panelists include ICANN President and CEO Fadi Chehadé and ICANN Board of Directors Chairman Stephen D. Crocker.

Today is final day of the Internet Governance Forum, IGF 2014, meeting at Istanbul, Turkey. More coverage at expvc.com.

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