Day One: Geneva Internet Conference, Internet Governance Landscape

Geneva Internet Conference - Internet Governance at a Crossroads
DAY ONE – 18 November 2014 - The Internet governance landscape
CURRENT Date and Time in Geneva, Switzerland:

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Tuesday's Highlighted Session: 14.30 ‒ 16.00
Legal framework, jurisdiction, and enforcement in Internet governance (Salle Obasi)
Moderator: Jacques de Werra, Professor, Law School, University of Geneva
Rolf Weber, Professor, University of Zurich
Joe Cannataci, Professor, University of Groningen
Mira Burri, Senior Research Fellow, World Trade Institute & Lecturer, University of Bern
Konstantinos Komaitis, Policy Advisor, Internet Society
Xianhong Hu, Program Specialist, Division for Freedom of Expression and Media Development, UNESCO 

The Internet does not function in a legal vacuum. Increasingly, it is perceived that what is (il)legal offline is (il)legal online. The UN Human Rights Council made this principle explicit: ‘The same rights that people have offline must also be protected online.’ Thus, most Internet issues are already regulated in the offline environment (e.g. jurisdiction, copyright, trademark, labour law).The main challenge is how to apply these rules to Internet transactions, particularly in view of transborder aspects and the speed of Internet activities. At the preparatory seminar for the Conference, the idea of legal innovation with wisdom was suggested. It means that there is a need for innovation for the Internet, which should not ignore the wisdom of the legal profession gathered over centuries in regulating conflicts and ensuring order in human society.

The session will focus on the following questions:
>Is there any area where the ‘offline/online principle’ cannot be applied and there will be a need for new substantive rules for the Internet?
>What are the specific challenges for applying existing legal rules on the Internet?
>How do we innovate with wisdom? What are the possible innovations?

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