Geneva Internet Conference, Internet Governance at a Crossroads

Geneva Internet Conference - Internet Governance at a Crossroads | Geneva Internet Platform: 17-19 Nov 2014 "The Geneva Internet Conference (GIC) will address critical issues, gaps, and future developments in Internet governance (IG) and digital politics. The conference will provide a neutral and inclusive space for debates as it paves the way to 2015, building on the main events and developments in 2014, including announcement of the transition of the IANA oversight of Internet functions, NETmundial and the Internet Governance Forum."  Registration to attend the conference in Geneva is closed, but you may still participate online" Register here to participate online, by clicking on the 'I will participate remotely' at the bottom of the form. Schedule/program/speakers(pdf) Conference times are local Geneva, Switzerland (CET/UTC +1) 

CURRENT Date and Time in Geneva, Switzerland:
DAY ZERO – 17 November 2014
14.00 ‒ 17.00 Introduction to Internet governance (pre-conference workshop)
17.30 ‒ 19.30 Keynote address by Fadi ChehadĂ©, President and Chief Executive Officer, ICANN
Inauguration of Geneva Digital Landscape IG 360°
DAY ONE – 18 November 2014: The Internet governance landscape (see program for specifics)
DAY TWO – 19 November 2014: The complexity of Internet governance: sustaining innovation while ensuring equality (see program for specifics)

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Links for remote participation by location:(see program ["programme and speakers" tab] for location of each event):

'Salle Obassi'
'Auditorium Kreuzel'
'Auditorium de Mello'

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